Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children In Youth-Serving Organizations

  • Be a Thought Leader

    Our silence enables child molesters and we need someone in every youth-serving organization to lead their team into conversation about the safety of the children in their care. The discussion alone is a deterant so we encourage you to have us in to educate your staff about how to effectively intercede on behalf of children before abuse occurs.

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  • Where do I begin?

    The child sexual abuse pandemic is complex but understanding the intricacies is what equips us to intercede and effectively lower the risk of abuse. So amidst your demanding job responsibilities and other priorities, how to do you quickly come up to speed on the overall issue and the potential opportunities to make a difference in your organization? 

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  • Need Help?

    If you don't have the time or expertise to evaluate your child sexual abuse prevention program or make targeted recommendations for improvement, we can help. As you've seen in the daily news, background checks and mandated reporting are simply not enough. If you want to protect the children in your care, you need to be proactive and create a culture of protection. We understand that abuse prevention is not your core competancy, but it is ours!

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  • Are Your Policies Best Practices?

    Most organizations have not invested the manpower to read thousands of research papers so they understand how abuse happens and how to prevent it. We understood the size of that undertaking, so we did it for you!  In fact, we have summarized our learning into clearly defined best practices and can help you assess how your policies compare and identify opportunities for improvement.

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  • What's In Your Toolbox?

    Protecting kids is much easier when we have the right tools for the job and those tools vary depending on the role in your organization - site safety checklists, applicant screening best practices, mirco training clips, on-demand webinars, policy assessment tools, and more. We offer standardized tools but are happy to develop custom tools to meet your needs as well.

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  • Are You Ready to Go Deeper?

    Child sexual abuse prevention is not an event but a mindset. Hiring a speaker on the topic of childhood sexual abuse is a must - to raise awareness, call people to action, and facilitate dialog about how to create a safer environment for the children in your care. But then what? How do you actually create change? Your key prevention team members will need a deep understanding of informed best practices and guidance in creating a plan for lasting change. 

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