Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children In Youth-Serving Organizations

Our silence enables child molesters and we need someone in every youth-serving organization to lead their team into conversation about the safety of the children in their care. The discussion alone is a deterant so we encourage you to have us in to educate your staff about how to effectively intercede on behalf of children before abuse occurs.

Be a Thought Leader
Hire a Speaker

Are you looking to for a speaker on how to prevent child sexual abuse? You've come to the right place! In the past ten years we have had the opportunity to educate a variety of audiences including risk managers, HR managers, loss control specialists, risk pool leaders, educators, coaches, faith leaders, daycare workers, attorneys, social workers, therapists, pediatricians, nurses, college students, parents and teens.

The most common and most rewarding feedback we receive is that we have "transformed" the way people see the world around them and in the process empowered them to make a difference in the lives of children.


In recent decades our community members have continued to get better at reporting suspected child sexual abuse but we still have much to learn about actually preventing it. That's our specialty!

We want people to shift their focus from reporting abuse after the fact, to recognizing the signs that abuse is likely to occur and intervening before it does. And although we continue to help parents learn how to prevent abuse in their homes, our consulting work is specifically focused on educating youth-serving organization leaders, staff, and volunteers on how to prevent abuse in and through their programs. 

The informed best practices presented in Diane Cranley's book 8 Ways to Create their Fate: Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations are the foundation for our consulting services as follows:

#1 Determine Your Starting Point
#2 Manage Access to Children
#3 Set, Document, and Enforce Boundaries 
#4 Regularly and Actively Assess Behaviors
#5 Create an Accountability Team
#6 Educate and Empower Children
#7 Pre-Establish Your Response &Take Bold Action
#8 Provide Support and Resource Referrals

Diane is available to deliver live or on-line presentations to meet the needs of your specific audience, the knowledge you want them to gain, and your available time. We encourage you to browse our sample presentations and contact us to learn more about how we can help you learn to protect the children in your care and to receive a customized services quote.