Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children In Youth-Serving Organizations

Let Us Equip You to
Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

The informed best practices presented in Diane Cranley's book 8 Ways to Create their Fate: Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations are the foundation for our consulting services as follows:

#1 Determine Your Starting Point
#2 Manage Access to Children
#3 Set, Document, and Enforce Boundaries 
#4 Regularly and Actively Assess Behaviors
#5 Create an Accountability Team
#6 Educate and Empower Children
#7 Pre-Establish Your Response &Take Bold Action
#8 Provide Support and Resource Referrals

Below are some sample presentations our clients have used that combine these best practices in a variety of combinations. These will allow you to get a feel for how other organizations have used this information effectively to meet the needs of their audience. We are happy to deliver any one of these presentations as is or create a combination of materials that best suits the role of your audience, the specific knowledge you want them to gain, and your available time.

Some of the presentations use the general term "youth-serving organizations" and others have been tailored to reflect "schools." The presentations can be modified to reflect your environment.

The references after the presentation name indicate which best practices and topics are included in the presentation as follows:

P  = The Problem Summary
#s = Best Practices 1 through 8
T  = Types of Abusers
G  = Grooming and Seduction Behaviors
S =  Signs of Abuse in Children


Sample Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Presentations

The Need to Protect the Sexual Innocence of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations 2-14-17 (Sample - P)

Boundaries that Protect Children and You 2-14-17 (Sample - P,3,4)

Child Sexual Abuse Practices and Policies for Schools 2-14-17 (Sample - P,1,2,3,4)

Creating a School District-Wide Action Based Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Plan 2-14-17 (Sample - P,2,T,G,S,3,4)

Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations 2-14-17 (Sample - P,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

These presentations are applicable to meetings, in-service trainings, conferences, etc. but each of these topics can also be delivered in an in-depth half or full day workshop including interactive exercises. See our workshop offerings for more information.